We acknowledge the artists who add culture, creativity and live music to the communities we live in.

Thanks for the emails and positive connections from many of you that have contacted me over the years in one way or another.

Gigs continue to happen because of this resource for bands and musicians in Kansas City which gets lots of local and regional exposure.

Thanks for being a part of the live music culture of this city.

This online resource is designed to be an asset for music lovers of Kansas City, providing primarily two things-

1) Give local bands a free resource where they can get more gigs and be seen by those looking for local live music online.

("kansas city bands" is a common local search phrase, and this website is showing well on the major search engines for that term and many others)

  and . . .

2) Give music lovers an easy place to find out when and where various Kansas City bands are playing and a chance to hear what they sound like beforehand.

It used to leave me with shrugged shoulders when I saw bands I wasn't familiar with listed in somewhere. Hearing a new band is great, but how about a clue first so you have a taste of what you might be in for?

Many don't want to risk an evening hearing heavy metal if the preference is a dance band, or jazz, or vice-versa.  Or a novice band compared to a tight one. You get the idea and probably know the experience.

Kansas City live music searchers can come here, and in almost all cases quickly click on a band and see where they are playing. If they're not familiar with them, they can listen to a music sample on their website and get a feel beforehand.

Band members, besides the free listing, for now there is additional space made available for extra exposure to promote your band or Kansas City music venue.

Shoot us an email if interested. More comment below the pic.

musicians in Kansas City
There's a good chance your Kansas City band should already be showing up on the left side of the page where the band list is.

If it's not let us know because it's a courtesy to you and those looking to find out more about your group or where you are playing.

Give us a nudge if it's not on here. Email is on the right.

Hopefully you have a website or will be getting one because that's what we'll be linking to.

We would appreciate a link back, even if it's just a small "We're found on "kansascitybands.co" or some other good karma of your choosing.

It's all about having more people find you when they search for local bands. Cool? Cool.

If your band isn't listed as text and link on the band page, scroll down further to see qualifications.
Let me know you wish to be listed and I'll add your group free.
Also, bands who want to stand out large and be featured with a picture, message, and link on the right side of the "Kansas City Bands"  list page, spaces are limited.

In short, we want to get you some gigs and expect this to do that for what amounts to pocket change if your band members contribute. For more info contact us at ryan@stlbigband.com.

Contact us for paid advertising options.
Remember, these are music-minded searchers  on a website designed to attract visitors who want to see or hire a Kansas City band.
Split it with band members and you're down to pocket change. If you're fishing for gigs, that will increase your odds.
Look at examples on the "band" page to see what it would look like and please read the two requirements below.

Published May 23rd, 2017

Serious local online search engine exposure.

This website is prominently found on the search engines for terms like "kansas city bands", "kansas city bands for hire", and over 30 others.  (Do any related search and see for yourself). That means we get a LOT of local music fans coming our way looking for bands. 

Don't Lose Gigs.

When people don't know about your group, it means you lose gigs. There's no music in that. This featured option that gets you  found is on the Kansas City band listings page.

Contact us if you want to grab one for yourself. Info on payment options is below.

Qualifications to be on the free list are simple.
1) Must have a website so we can link your site to it, and 
2) Be a band or local musician playing in and based in the Kansas City area or within 150 miles from the city.
Bands based outside this area will not be considered as this is only for Kansas City musicians.
3) Featured (paid) concert events may be promoted on this website but not on the free local list. Also, the event you are featuring must be local.
To get a free listing, write the email address below with your info, using the subject line "band website".
Email:  ryan@stlbigband.com
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